Deployment Studio Express

Deployment Studio Express - Software Configuration Tools

Deployment Studio Express is an easy-to-use software configuration management suite designed to help release managers, QA teams, and software developers streamline their software releases. Deployment Studio includes a set of automated software deployment & asset management tools.

Automated Software Deployment Tools

Release Management Overview

Deployment Studio's automated software deployment tools can help you save time and money by automating your software deployments. Automated tasks can be created to:
  • Run remote commands on target systems to stop/start services, run commands, execute scripts, etc.
  • Deploy files to the target systems
  • Build applications from source control

Deployment Studio includes its own integrated TCP/IP based file transfer mechanism so there is no need to setup file shares or FTP services on the target machines. Integrating DSE into your existing network literally takes minutes! Simply install Deployment Studio on the target machines and you are ready to go.



Asset Management and Application Auditing Tools

Deployment Studio's asset management and application auditing tools can provide valuable information about the software assets distributed throughout your environments, including file versions, modified dates, file sizes, etc. This information can be used by your software release team to:
  • Troubleshoot failed application deployments and software testing issues by identifying discrepancies between environments (i.e. file versions, etc).
  • Ensure your promotion environments are up-to-date and in synch. 

Key Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Remote Software Auditing Quickly retrieve valuable information about the software installed in your environments. 
Remote Command Line Execution DSE can run remote commands on deployment machines (stop/start services, run commands, execute batch scripts, etc) eliminating the need to manually log into the remote servers.
Automated File Transfer Quickly and easily transfer files to remote systems.
Intuitive Interface DSE has an easy to use interface which makes using the software a breeze. 
Easy Installation & Setup DSE literally take minutes to install and configure. Simply install the desktop software which will be used to manage the configurations and install the agent software on all of the target machines. There is no need to configure file shares or FTP services on your servers. 
Low Cost Deployment Studio's low licensing cost makes the software one of the most cost-effective configuration management solutions on the market today! 

Video Demonstration

Application Requirements

- Windows XP, 7, 2003, 2008
- 100 MB Hard Disk Space

Free 30 Day Trial

Deployment Studio Express includes a full-featured 30 day free trial so you can try before you buy. After the trial is up you can purchase an unlimited site license for just $49.95!

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