1. Overview
Deployment Studio Express is an easy-to-use release management and automated software deployment software suite designed to help streamline the software release process by providing release managers, QA teams, and software developers with a set of tools to effectively manage software releases.
2. Key Features & Benefits
Deployment Studio Express has a vast array of integrated features to help companies reduce the amount of time spent on managing software deployments.

Remote File/Directory Auditing
Quickly retrieve valuable remote file information including version, modified date, & size. This information can be used to help ensure your environments are in synch.
Remote Command Line Execution
Run remote commands on your deployment machines: stop/start services, run DOS commands, execute batch scripts, etc.
Integrated File Transfer
Because Deployment Studio Express uses standard TCP protocol to transfer data to the remote systems, there is no need to setup file shares or FTP service on the deployment machines
Persistent File Auditing & Deployment Profiles
Easily create/save/modify File Auditing & Deployment Configuration Profiles that can be re-used & distributed amongst team members

3. Technical Overview
Deployment Studio Express implements a client/server model and is comprised of two separate components: The Agent Service and the Client Management Console.
The Agent Service
The Agent Service runs as a Windows Service and resides on the target machines. By default the Agent Service uses TCP port 8080 to communicate with the Client Management Console, but the application can be configured to use any valid TCP port.
The Client Management Console
The Client Management Console is a Windows desktop application which controls the Agent Services installed on the target servers.